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John Bonacci

After attending Penn State University and spending 5 years gaining experience in the steel industry, John Bonacci founded Keystone Steel Erectors, Inc. in 1989. For over 15 years, Keystone Steel Erectors provided quality and timely labor and equipment in structural steel and pre-engineered buildings. Shifting focus in the early 2000s, John moved into Project Management, overseeing many construction projects (including several universities) in conjunction with Nicholas Reuther’s engineering firm. Reentering the Steel Industry with now over 35 years of experience, John Bonacci would partner with Nick Reuther Sr., PE. to incorporate Keystone Steel Fabricators in 2018. John’s primary duties include but are not limited to project management, fabrication, and overseeing shop and fieldwork. To contact John directly, please email him at

Nick Reuther Sr., PE

Nick Reuther, a Penn State University graduate, began an engineering firm in 2000 at the age of 33. Starting with almost a decade of experience, the firm would expand in clients, employees, and reach while working on projects across multiple states. In 2015, he stepped away from the firm to lend his hand to another growing business in his family; however, in 2018, Nick would partner with longtime colleague and founder of Keystone Steel Erectors, John Bonacci, forming Keystone Steel Fabricators, Inc. A licensed PE in Pennsylvania, Nick extends his experience to duties including, but not limited to, PreConstruction Services, Cost Estimating, Purchasing, Shop Fabrication Drawings, and Project Management. To contact Nick directly, please email him at

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